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GLOBALISATION is the catch word in today's liberalised condi­tions. This has brought with it a multitude of opportunities in the form of expansion, diversification, joint ventures and col­laboration. 

The key to success  is to  stay ahead of competition, which is possible only through prior infor­mation .  To do this every organisation or enterprise needs  to be equipped with or have access to relevant information & research facilities at the right time. 

Vinculum Research And Information Services, aims to provide that.   On a broad frame our activities cover the following : 

-      Market Research

-      Consumer Surveys

-      Pre-investment feasibility studies

  -      Industry reports

-      Business Development Plan  & Strategy to penetrate the market

-      Compilation of databases in accordance with consumer profiles

-      Content provision

-      Customised e-newsletter

  -      Information compilation from Secondary sources 


  -      Our b2b e-newsletter on Fabric – Fabré (Fabric Resource)

(We aim at offering valuable information on a regular basis in useable readable form)

Information: On the economy, about India locational, sectoral or cultural information, industry or sectoral specific information from both published and unpublished sources. Also data compilation, directory compilation, compilation & analysis of information from published sources. Track any industry / company & product from the existing data bank of information like annual reports, newspaper clippings, secondary sources etc. Product information like availability, price fluctuations & market trends. Government rules and regulation, notifications, acts & amendments and industry regulation.  

Customised e-newsletters, where we bring out e-newsletters for you on a regular basis. An ideal way of keeping your clients informed on your activities and at the same time giving information that you will want your clients to have. You could also access our database for targeting potential clients.  

In case the information required is of a primary nature then through Research activities : 

Research: Pre-feasibility studies, market analysis, product pricing, market trend analysis.  Also consumer research, distribution analysis dealer commissions, brand popularity  through consumer surveys, brand recall exercises for Companies wanting to diversify into new areas/ products, wanting to set up operations in India or established companies venturing into new areas ....... 

Our  experience, coupled with widespread contacts and  associates in India and abroad, enables us to get accurate  information  at the earliest.

 Mode of working:

A plan of action containing the method of working, time schedule and costs will be drawn and approved by the client, before the start of the assignment.  The expenses shall then be incurred.  The entire work, depending on the nature and scale of work, shall be conducted in phases. The fees for a particular phase shall be called for once the client is satisfied with the work carried out in that particular phase.  Certain percentage will be taken in the beginning as retainership and for expenses.


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